My Bariatric Journey to a New Life!


My husband called me his “Muddy Spartan Princess” after a Spartan Sprint in the spring of 2012; thus, the title of this blog. I have been battling losing weight, getting fit, nutrition and many emotions over all of it for most of my life. I have been blogging off and on for the past year or so. My blogs have gone over many different facets of my life. However, I am doing this update now, changing the looks of my blog and the content for a very important reason. For those that have been following my blog in the past, you know that I have been attempting to get approval for bariatric surgery. I am excited to say that i finally have written authorization and I am currently awaiting all of my scheduling. Thus I have decided to keep my name Muddy Spartan Princess and blog about my bariatric journey. I hope it helps those that have questions, fears, concerns about it. For those that have read any of my blogs – you know I keep it honest and I plan to continue to do just that! This blog will contain my feelings, emotions, appointments, education, exercises, foods changes and anything else that happens to pop up! Here is to watching the new me ARISE and DEVELOP!

Muddy Spartan Princess


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